Our Story

We are a Custom Design, Cabinetry, and Millwork company based in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. We specialize in services for residential and commercial construction. Our areas of expertise include design, fine finish carpentry, custom cabinetry and millwork with a focus on kitchens, bathrooms and retail outfitting. The pride we take in our finished product, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is reflected in the volume of referred projects we undertake for clients throughout the Lower Mainland. We will only use quality plywood and soft closing hardware on all our cabinets, these, in fact, preserve your cabinets.

Peter Davies has worked in the carpentry and finishing trades for over 25 years in Maple Ridge. His finishing and painting skills are exceptional. Rod Gruzelier is an architect with international experience in a broad range of building types. Peter (nicknamed St. Peter) had already established his own company and had been hired by Rod to build a kitchen with his design concepts. They quickly built a mutual respect for one another’s talents and decided to join forces. Rod was happy not to have to travel anymore! On one of his frequent visits to Peter’s shop, the landlord quipped: “Look,
here comes Brother Rod!” The name stuck. St. Peter & Brother Rod Custom Cabinetry is now well on its way to becoming a leading name in Maple Ridge.

We can take your project from conceptual ideas, through to rough sketches, then CAD drawings all the way to build and installed. We also set up the cabinets as they would be in their final location on our shop floor to make sure everything fits properly, clients also like to get a preview. Clients love our work and tell us so.

 Cabinetry
 Finished carpentry
 Millwork
 Design
 Home and commercial concepts and design